Senior Strategist

I enjoy working with large organisations dealing with complex issues of the day. I believe that the best organisations want to be energized by new ideas, and they understand that collaboration is the answer, rather than competition.

I have had the good fortune of working in and with the Singapore Government. In my previous roles, I helped public agencies design more forward-looking policies and build more effective relationship with their stakeholders. I have trained public officers in Futures methodologies and Scenario Planning, and used Design Thinking to help public agencies communicate their policies more effectively.

Today, in Forum for the Future, I help organisations identify emerging strategic issues, and explore different possibilities and responses. I facilitate uncomfortable conversations, with the hope of finding a common vision over the competing interests. I support organisations in navigating complex issues with their stakeholders including citizens, consumers, NGOs, businesses, and government. Together, we talk about the “Why”, before we get into the “How”.

Ideal project

A learning journey for the businesses, suppliers and policymakers to visit the natural wonders in Asia. The objectives are for them to understand the impact they might have on nature, and explore how they could be more involved in the sustainability movement. I believe that an experiential journey would be more effective than any workshop or boardroom meeting!   

Outside the office

An awesome day at the beach with my dog, Brownie!