Head of Finance


Since graduating with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I’ve spent the last decade specialising in Not-for-Profit Finance. I started off in the Not-for-Profit division of an accountancy practice where I spent the first five years of my career, and once qualified moved into various finance roles in charities, starting at Save the Children International and then moving onto Citizens Advice before joining Forum the Future.

I have a passion for improvement projects, and making finance systems and interactions with other parts of an organisation work smoothly and seamlessly, and I try and bring that energy to every role I undertake.

Dream project

My dream project is to write a novel that is able to merge my various identities and cultural heritage whilst also engaging with pressing global issues. Although I dabble in short story writing, I have never managed to find enough words to convert these into a full-fledged novel (yet!).

What floats my boat outside of work: I am an avid boulderer (indoor rock climber) and also enjoy leisurely cycling. I love being outside in nature, whether it’s sitting in a park reading a novel or hiking locally.

I am also a keen reader, convene a book/film club, and enjoy learning about any and everything new!

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