Financial Accountant


I am a lifelong vegetarian and a qualified accountant. I have always been interested in environmental issues. After many political debates over the years, I always end up saying: "well someone should be thinking about our future and how we live." I am astounded, and relieved, to find that the Forum is doing just that.

Dream Project

I would like to work on a project looking at ways to reduce waste, particularly the amount we put on the roadside, and ultimately to landfill every week. We all produce too much rubbish, and it’s too easy to do so – especially with the dreaded plastic. There must be smarter ways to package products, refill existing containers, and use less of everything that’s superfluous. We only have to look back a couple of generations, there wasn’t waste like there is today. We should learn from these lifestyles, and bring these ideas forward into our modern lives.

What floats my boat outside work

I’m always a fan of walking in the countryside, and would love to own a dog to go with it. Other than that I love a weekend filled with family, board games, coffee, and Sunday papers.