Principal Futures Specialist


I’ve been at Forum since 2007 – I came to work here because I believe that many futures are possible, some of which are sustainable and which we need to visualize and act on urgently. My work here involves Futures projects using techniques such as scenarios, visions, horizon scanning.

I’ve had a pretty varied career to date as I’m interested in many things; highlights include being a divemaster, being a lightning machine operator and working for solarcentury when it was a startup.

Before that I studied Physics at Manchester University and went on to get an MSc in Virtual Environments back in the internet stone age of 2000. Chaos theory and boids (starling flock simulations) sparked my interest in complex systems, emergent behaviour and unintended consequences. 

I’ve always been interested in sustainability and development, as I grew up in Kenya where these issues have a direct impact on people’s lives. My grandmother lived her whole life (1920ish-2013) off-grid in rural Kenya, using rainwater collection rather than running water – and never understood why anyone would want to live in the city! Our lifestyles and personal impacts were worlds apart due to the course of 20th century; the 21st century needs to find a way to reconcile them.

My dream project?

Anything that meshes systems thinking with futures thinking, on a grand scale – the future(s) of the world basically….

What floats my boat outside work?

Diving, gardening, writing, playing guitar badly, being out in the fresh air with my sons


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