I have always felt a deep connection to the planet earth. In more recent years this has manifested in many changes I made to my lifestyle, diet and shopping habits to live in a simpler and planet friendly way. 

I am a chartered accountant and I hold MSc in Economics. I specialise in charity accounting and  have spent most of my working life in a charity sector, as it is important to me to contribute my skills and knowledge to causes close to my heart. My passion for environmental and social justice issues led me to work at Friends of the Earth for over a decade.

I joined Forum for the Future in August 2018 as I felt drawn to this very forward thinking organisation that acts as a catalyst of change to create a sustainable future and better world for us all. 

I have done a lot of volunteering over the years, my favourite was the time I spent helping out in an animal rescue shelter. For the last two years I have been involved in Myatt’s Fields Park Project, a lovely park in South London with the mission to grow a green and healthy neighbourhood through a number of food, wellbeing and horticulture projects and events.  I have recently become a Treasurer at Myatt’s and oversee their finances.

Ideal project

I believe in the importance of a strong coherent and inclusive community. My ideal project would involve building such a community: one that is sustainable, supportive and living in harmony with the planet and each other. One that connects with and inspires others to grow a sustainable economy.

What rocks your boat outside work

If it’s a coffee plantation in Colombia, a British coast, Polish mountains, wetlands in Florida or my local park – I feel happy and content being in nature. I love walking barefoot and breathing fresh air (not easy in London!) I’m quite health conscious, having trained as a nutritionist and reflexologist, I enjoy preparing healthy meals for family and friends and  helping others to get healthier habits. I also love dancing, hiking and making natural skincare products.