Principal Strategist


I am based in Singapore, helping pioneering business in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to use future trends, visions and scenarios to truly embed sustainability into their long-term business strategy. I have led work with key Forum partners across diverse sectors, such as Swire Shipping (marine), Ramatex (textiles manufacturing), SATS (aviation and catering), Sime Darby (agri-business) and Vector NZ (electricity).

As our Circular Economy lead in APAC, I help the team design and drive multi-stakeholder programmes such as Circular Leap Asia, an innovation programme designed to empower apparel manufacturers in Asia to fast-track circular fashion solutions.

My background is in branding, marketing and communications, but I have always believed in the advantages of cross-disciplinary thinking. My time working in the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) on the sustainability portfolio, then in rebranding a mid-sized machine tools company, convinced me of the immense potential businesses have to drive the change we need in the face of our critical social and environmental challenges.

As a founding member of the APAC team, I spend time advocating Forum's approach in the public arena: We believe business has a large role to play in achieving a sustainable future for the world. By partnering with ambitious business to lead change across complex and global value chains, we can reshape the unsustainable and inequitable systems that are driving humanity to the brink of self-destruction today. 

What would your dream Forum project be? 

Bringing together a group of young leaders in Asia capable of disruptive change. There are a growing number of passionate individuals well equipped to navigate the global corporate environment, but dissatisfied with the status quo. I am convinced there are countless opportunities for collaboration between them.

What floats your boat outside work? 

Good conversations over good food and alcohol. Live music, preferably jazz, blues, alternative rock, or a fusion of these. Growing interest in Chinese music and theatre. Getaways involving city trotting and homestays in beautiful mountaintop settings. Reading, writing and mindless social media browsing.


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