Senior Operations Designer and Producer


I am passionate about using creative thinking and education to drive social change for sustainable and equitable development, underpinned by a commitment to advocating for human rights.

With a background in legal activism for human rights and access to justice, I have previously worked in both a paid and voluntary capacity for legal advice charities, from anti-poverty to criminal appeals. Moving from law to sustainability may not seem like the most obvious choice, but to me is a movement for the same cause; perhaps most well encapsulated by the UN Declaration on the Right to Development, which speaks to our shared humanity and the inalienable right of all to lead a flourishing life. 

I have a strong belief in the power of storytelling and play to inspire change and facilitate discussion of complex issues. In a personal capacity I have written, devised and performed theatre pieces addressing issues of social justice. Currently, I am working on the seedlings of a passion project bringing a systems change view to enabling sustainable production in theatre and the performing arts.

I endeavour to bring a rights-based and creative lens to everything I do, including my role at Forum for the Future, which began in November 2018. My work here is primarily focussed on supporting the School of System Change in the production and delivery of its courses. It’s an exciting time of experimentation and growth for the School - and we are continually working to evolve systemically to live as we teach. My role stretches across the breadth of our operational and delivery work, so I’m always up for a conversation about any aspect of what we do! 

Dream Project?

I love a challenge - anything that I can sink my teeth into. It would be amazing to bring a stronger human rights focus into our work and explore using the arts and play as medium for navigating complex issues.

What floats my boat outside of work?

Outside of work, I am part of a theatre company and love to write, devise and perform. I have a deep love of the arts, and you will find me feeling most alive surrounded by music, storytelling and performance, ideally in nature. Occasionally, a drawing has been known to make it onto paper. Can’t go wrong with good food, good conversation and a glass or two. On the side I enjoy nerd-ing out over physics.