Chief Development & Communications Officer


I’m excited to be helping Forum with its financial stability by working with the team to develop new funding opportunities, and  by helping to tell our story in a compelling way.

I’ve spent virtually my entire career in the non-profit sector, working in both international development and nature conservation, and I’m passionate about helping people to understand the interconnectedness of our world, and how closely we are related  to (and dependent on) all living things. I’ve been fortunate to have  had an opportunity to get a taste of many different aspects of the work  – from organisational and programme management to fundraising and communications at some of the world's most respected organizations, and to learn from some of the best in the field. And I’ve done this in many different places – I’m a dual Canadian and British citizen brought up mostly in Istanbul. Over the course of my career I’ve worked with Oxfam in Hong Kong, led marketing and communications for the Nature Conservancy of Canada from Toronto, worked with colleagues at the Jane Goodall Institute to design and run development and conservation programs in Uganda and the DRC, driven private sector communication and communications across Asia for IUCN, and  supported the B Team’s efforts to build a global community of corporate change makers from New York. My take-aways: we need change in the world, we need it fast, and it has to take into account our place as just one species (albeit the dominant one) in an interconnected and dynamic web of life.

Ideal Forum project:

A global effort to transform our production systems to make them so efficient that there is no further conversion of intact ecosystems – leaving at least half for nature.

What floats my boat outside work?

Making music (as a not very good soprano in a community chorus); spending time with my family; getting outside in nature; walking on the beach; and connecting with our animal relatives!


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