Operations Manager


I come from an arts management background with a specific focus on performing arts producing and administration in the non-profit arena. Realising the contemporary dance-maker’s creative vision and the compelling, at times sensitive, sociopolitical messaging within the context and limitations of Singapore’s arts scene has been my intense focus in the last seven years. The sustainability space is new to me professionally, and I am excited to be a part of the efforts in my capacity as Team Coordinator, APAC, addressing some of these issues with a systemic approach, and in strategic and collaborative ways. 

Dream Project

I’m a huge reader of fiction / non-fiction / journalistic essays / investigative reporting, and the power of words and writing to conjure incandescent worlds of memory and catharsis alongside grim horror-scapes wrought by human destructiveness never ceases to amaze me. I would be excited to work on a project that harnesses my twin passions — wordsmith-ing and the arts — and allows me to collaborate with different field leaders within and outside of Forum: change designers, futures specialists, artists, digital and communications experts, policy and community leaders, etc, to create an experience, happening or interaction that connects the public to the urgency of Forum’s work in visceral and galvanising ways. 

What floats my boat outside work

When something excites or fulfils me profoundly, I tend to happily devote a lot of hours often repeating the same activity with small, incremental breakthroughs that satisfy me deeply. Yoga, its focus on stillness, mindfulness and moving at one’s own pace is an enduring passion, especially after I had to reset my practice when an injury turned into chronic pain; mahjong (played with Hong Kong rules) is another.