School of System Change

We know that growing a global community of change agents is our best chance to accelerate a transition to a sustainable future. Want to know more?

This online course is a five-week introductory dive into systems change, offering change makers frameworks and tools to increase their capacity to work more systemically on complex challenges. 

These facilitated sessions offer an overview on key concepts and approaches behind systemic practices, provide opportunities to explore and experiment with frameworks and tools to understand complex challenges, as well as to reflect about key actions that might shape change for the better. In addition to five sessions, change makers can access 1-to-1 coaching with an experienced systems facilitator to deepen their practice.

Our upcoming information session is on September 7th from 11am - 12pm PDT / 12pm - 1pm MDT / 1pm - 2pm CDT / 2pm – 3pm EDT. Register here.

What you’ll learn

In this course, participants will be guided to the following learning outcomes:

  • Acquire introductory knowledge and application of tools and frameworks from across the systems change field;
  • Gain guidance from experienced systems coaches on using tools and frameworks on their complex challenge;
  • Start to orientate oneself to what it means to integrate systemic ways of working and collaborating; and
  • Engage in a virtual learning environment of passionate, systems-minded changemakers.

Is it for you? 

The course targets a wide range of professionals across different thematic areas with the intention to apply these approaches and tools in their work in order to co-create a just future where no one is left behind. Those suitable for this course include:

  • Those with some to little exposure to systems change;
  • Those keen to start exploring what systems change looks like in their thematic area through a blend of theory, hands-on application and discussion; and
  • Those seeking an entry point to learn more about systems change over 5 weeks and possibly exploring longer learning engagements in the future.

We encourage all change makers to join the course with a complex challenge that they are currently working on individually or through an organization.

Course syllabus

The course introduces key concepts and approaches behind systemic practices as well as offering an opportunity to join a peer learning group to apply learning to a live challenge during the sessions. Group challenges are sourced among the cohort, and change makers are encouraged to offer their individual challenge as a group topic.

Our sessions emphasize interactive learning to hear how to apply frameworks and try out new tools. We support integrating systemic practices, or systemic ways of working, into how you approach your group challenge as well as your own complex challenge.

Each session includes:

  • Exploration and discussion of systems change concepts including reflection and discussion in pairs, small groups, and with the full cohort;
  • Framework learning and application time (i.e., dedicated time to try out the framework around a group challenge, ask questions to the facilitator and cohort, get into the nitty-gritty of the framework or tool)l;
  • Case studies where the framework or tool was applied to help steer or progress the work; and
  • Cohort building time (e.g., small group discussion and reflection).


This course includes 12 hours of instruction over 5 weeks, varying between 2-3 hours a session.

Participants can access 1-to-1 coaching sessions scheduled according to their availability. There is an option to add on three coaching sessions, which can be scheduled during and after the course ends.

  • October 20th to Nov 17th (Every Thursday for 5 weeks)
  • Optional 1-to-1 coaching period scheduled according to your availability during and after the course ends
Each online session starts at 12:30pm PST / 1:30pm CST / 2:30pm EST for a 2 or 3 hour session.

The first and last sessions are 3 hours long while the three sessions in between are 2 hours long.

Meet your facilitators 

You will be supported by our facilitators to understand the common objectives of the course.

Laura Winn

Laura is head of the School of System Change. She works to develop the School as a networked organisation that supports change-makers from diverse backgrounds and contexts, providing them with new capabilities to tackle an increasingly complex set of challenges. Laura’s own practice stems from living systems and regenerative approaches, cross-pollinated with methodology from the French school of futures and experience with social entrepreneurship and new economies. Read more from Laura here.
#regenerativedevelopment #prospective

Rodrigo Bautista

Rodrigo is an award-winning multidisciplinary-designer from ICSID and AIGA and founder of 21st Century Design and Engage by Design. He is Principal at Forum for the Future and advisor for the sustainability startup Made of Air. His work has covered different sectors, including urban and mobility issues, technology for impact, sustainable materials, education and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Course fees 

The School of System Change is continually working to improve the financial accessibility of our courses. It is our intention that those able to finance the higher tier fees contribute at the full rate, in order to support others to access the discounted rates. The School also sets its course fees regionally to ensure financial accessibility.

Course fees
Full rate
The full rate reflecting the full cost of one person’s place on the course. This rate is often paid by organizations.
A mid-tier rate for the course, often paid by individuals or very small organizations.
Discounted rate:
The discounted rate is available to incoming participants in need of financial assistance to support their learning. Only a few discounted rate slots are allocated to each cohort.
Three systems coaching sessions (~50 min long per session)
+ $1000

Application process 

You can apply for the upcoming course through this short application. The deadline to complete your application is Tuesday, September 27th at 5pm EDT.