Innovating solutions to systemic challenges

Collaboration works. We help build sustainable sectors and value networks, prototype innovations and new systems, and scale up existing activities for more impact.

We help build sustainable sectors and value networks

We mapped and diagnosed the whole beauty and personal care system with Target, Walmart and the US chemicals sector, rebooting existing initiatives and driving action on new ‘win win’ opportunities to get more sustainable products on the shelf. 


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We prototype innovations and model new systems

Our Glocal project with Ecover showed how the circular economy can work at a local level, drawing on satellite technology and mobile manufacturing to find waste and turn it into a new cleaning product. 


Glocal Case Study

We scale up the impact of existing activities 

By convening the UK Community Energy Coalition, we brought together membership organisations such as the Church of England and the National Trust, and inspired them to go further, together, on renewables and efficiency. 


Community Energy

One thing we've learned over the years is that complex, interconnected challenges like poverty, water scarcity and climate change must be tackled systemically – and that's only possible when the 'unusual suspects' work together to solve common problems.

As a convener, dialogue instigator and guide to practical solutions, we identify and assemble stakeholders from right across the value chain and develop areas where they can collaborate to transform not only their own operations, but entire systems.

Maintaining these powerful collaborations draws on our ability to translate the need for system change across sectors, cultures and personal perspectives. It can challenging work at times, but the impact it has on vital systems like food and energy is undeniable.

Change systems with us

We have a 21 year track-record of solving complex sustainability challenges on a global scale. To find out how we can help you, contact our team of change agents.


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