Principal Strategist


I work as a Principal Strategist with Forum for the Future in India. I started my career working with H&M in India and Sri Lanka, using my undergraduate training in apparel production to manage the sourcing of 12 million pieces of garment each season. A growing realisation of the social and environmental cost of fast-fashion led to a transition into the development sector and eventually towards a Master’s degree in Development from Azim Premji University, Bangalore.

In a career spanning close to a decade, I have worked on a range of Sustainable Development projects and initiatives related to Education, Sustainable Consumption, Urban Governance, Mobility, Air Pollution, Gender and Livelihoods. Prior to Forum, I worked with a CSR consulting firm and led their Impact Consulting and Business Development verticals. In 2017, I was recognised by FRIDA (the young feminist fund) as a young feminist working for climate justice. I find inspiration and hope in grassroots movements, partnerships and collaborations that create lasting and impactful change. I am grateful to be able to support Forum’s work on holding complex collaborations and moving them towards shared and ambitious sustainability goals. 

Dream Project

Work that supports smallholder Dalit, tribal and women farmers in India to lead the transition towards an agriculture system which delivers nutrition, food security and enhances ecosystems while bringing economic prosperity. (Inspired by women of Deccan Development Society who won the 2019 Equator Prize by UNDP)

What floats my boat outside work?

I enjoy reading, spending time with old friends and making new friends. Lately, I am discovering the joy of dancing and of colouring with soft pastels, towards no particular outcome. I am also associated with a strategic climate communications group and collect government data using the Right to Information Act (2005) to address the emergency level air pollution in Indian cities. Through data-based narrative pieces we help advance government action on Air Pollution in the Indo-Gangetic plain region, where I spent my childhood years, and which is now home to some of the most polluted cities in the world.

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