FarmLog helps US farmers use land more efficiently

14 July, 2014 by Kester Byass

A new app aggregates data from across a farm and presents it in a user-friendly interface.

A battery that dissolves in your body

10 July, 2014 by Ian Randall

A biodegradable battery for short-life electronics has been developed by researchers at the University of Illinois.

Can Audi end the energy-wasting rush to beat the lights?

8 July, 2014 by Will Simpson

A new piece of in-car technology could see the rush to get through the green light become a thing of the past – and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the process.

Solar and earth storage heating system for zero carbon homes

8 July, 2014 by Sara Ver-Bruggen

This system combines solar photovoltaics, an underground Earth Energy Bank and a heat pump system for warmth all-year round.

How best to support energy access enterprises

4 July, 2014 by Paul Valentin

Paul Valentin, International Director, Christian Aid, shares lessons in supporting enterprises that provide access to clean energy.

On jellyfish and listening to the futures

3 July, 2014 by John Sweeney

John Sweeney calls for new approaches to policy in postnormal times.

Porritt: What if recycling isn’t the first step to environmental engagement?

1 July, 2014 by Jonathon Porritt

If we want to tackle waste, we have to “regulate the hell out of this whole under-performing mess” – says (a little bit of) Jonathon Porritt.

OpenIDEO community rises to CCE’s Recycling Challenge

30 June, 2014 by Duncan Jefferies

Duncan Jefferies reports on the final Challenge Workshop of CCE’s 11-week Recycling Challenge – and reveals the winning ideas.

BAFTA targets film and TV carbon emissions

27 June, 2014 by Anna Rice

A new partnership with Greenstone should make it easier for film and TV producers to calculate their impact.

Rise of the collaborative commons

26 June, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson asks Jeremy Rifkin how an era of nearly free goods and services could lead to a more efficient global economy.


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