BuyPartisan app reveals companies' political affiliations

4 November, 2014 by Will Simpson

A new app has been launched that allows consumers to find out companies’ political donations and affiliations in seconds.

Four scenarios for the year 2030 to make brands sit up

3 November, 2014 by Anna Simpson

We ask how brands might respond to four scenarios for the future of the US retail market, drawn from the Retail Horizons toolkit.

Civil society is calling on brands, says Sally Uren

30 October, 2014 by Sally Uren

If corporates are to achieve any degree of social transformation, marketing departments need to be on side, says the Chief Executive of Forum for the Future.

Brands need to keep up with new thinking about human behaviour

29 October, 2014 by Anna Simpson

David Hall, Founder and Executive Director of Behaviour Change, argues we’ve moved beyond the time where every new initiative had to be a brand.

Four brands redefining their market

28 October, 2014 by Rob Greenfield

From affordable quality to drone delivery, these brands are looking beyond the status quo for long-term success.

A brief biography of brands

23 October, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson asks how brands emerged, what value they have brought, and where they might be going. 

Brands face a game of thrones

20 October, 2014 by Stefan Liute

Stefan Liute, Director of Storience, introduces a series of special features on the future of brands with a challenge.

Trust and traceability

17 October, 2014 by Michael Ashcroft

Michael Ashcroft asks what innovations in data collection will mean for global food systems.

ClimateCare receives highest honour for UK company

14 October, 2014 by Anna Simpson

ClimateCare has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation and tackling climate change with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Don’t call me ‘Millennial’

9 October, 2014 by Anonymous (not verified)

Today’s language won’t speak to the next generation, say Harriet Kingaby and Jen Katan. 


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