From Singapore to Rosario, cities get serious about local food

10 April, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Urban farming innovations aim for scale as authorities plan for long-term resilience in supply chains.

"Being an environmentalist isn't a choice", says Ruth Yeoh, YTL

7 April, 2014 by Anna Simpson

The Executive Director of YTL Singapore talks to Anna Simpson about sustainability, stewardship and environmental evangelism in her family business.

World's biggest seafood event to put spotlight on sustainable fishing

6 April, 2014 by Duncan Jefferies

This year's annual gathering of 25,000 seafood industry professionals will highlight the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

Could making London a national park solve air pollution woes?

5 April, 2014 by Guest writer

We need to rethink urban space with natural capital at its heart, says urbanist Marco Picardi.

Ecover explores oils from algae or bacteria

4 April, 2014 by Guest writer

Innovations in cleaning products hold promise for local, non-fossil supply chains – but establishing new markets demands education as well as R&D.

“There’s little point in efficiency without purpose”

3 April, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson asks whether there’s a new role for robots as the debate on efficiency moves from production to purpose.

New research sheds light on ‘at home’ recycling habits

2 April, 2014 by Guest writer
Tags: Waste

A six-month long study carried out by Coca-Cola Enterprises and the University of Exeter reveals the barriers to increasing recycling rates – and possible solutions for overcoming them.

The fashion industry is gearing up for a system-wide shift

1 April, 2014 by Guest writer

Almost a year on from the tragic collapse of Rana Plaza, Heather Connon asks what's changed in the world of fashion - and what's to come.

Coca-Cola Enterprises launches online challenge to increase at home recycling rates

31 March, 2014 by Guest writer

Members of the online community will generate ideas for innovative solutions to close the gap between intentions and actions.

"We want to be the best ‘tech for good’ investor in the world"

27 March, 2014 by Anna Simpson

Paul Miller of Bethnal Green Ventures describes his journey from Forum Masters student to start-up accelerator.


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