Monsoons & Miracles

India is one of the world's largest, and fastest-growing economies. Modernising at an unprecedently rapid rate, it's also faced with immense environmental and social challenges.

'Monsoons and Miracles: India's search for a sustainable future' explores what these mean for India - and for the world. Covering everything from climate change and energy to business and rural development, this special publication charts the key sustainability issues facing the country.

It includes exclusive interviews with leading Indian opinion-formers, and a range of positive, colourful case studies setting out India's often unreported environmental success stories. From tigers to software, solar power to 'Shakti power', it gets under the surface of today's India.

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I still can't work out how you manage to put such a brilliant mix of innovative subjects together with such consistency... An inspiring read which I genuinely look forward to.

Neville White, Ecclesiastical Investment Management

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