The Future is Retro-fit

In 2050, most people in the UK will still be living in housing that has already been built. Yet the energy inefficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of our existing homes are simply unsustainable.

If all new homes are zero carbon, at least they won’t make the situation any worse – but what can be done to make it a great deal better? It’s a challenge for government, the industry and householders alike; a policy challenge, a financial one, and a practical and behavioural one too.

In keeping with Green Futures’ focus on sustainable solutions, we look at the options and the key drivers of change, illustrated with case studies and leading examples of what’s possible - and who’s doing what to show the way forward.

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Green Futures is... a truly inspiring read. To see all of the great ideas out there is a great contrast to the doom and gloom we hear in the media.

Ben Sellars, CSR Manager, The Danwood Group

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