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For 18 years, Green Futures was the go-to magazine for lively and engaging debate on environmental solutions and sustainable futures. It was described as a 'must read' by some subscribers, which included business leaders, sustainability professionals, policy makers and students with a keen eye on the world they wanted to live in.

The influential environmentalist Jonathon Porritt founded the magazine in 1996, as a way for the global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future to inspire its audience with news of positive solutions.

Every issue of the magazine offered news stories, features and comment on a range of topics, from clean energy and smart design, to food and finance in a changing world, reaching a print audience of up to 25,000. Its online and social media presence expanded its reach beyond the UK, with large audiences in the US and India in particular.

Green Futures also published an acclaimed series of Special Editions, providing the opportunity to delve into topical subjects in greater depth than was possible in the quarterly magazine. The content was shaped in collaboration with sponsoring partners, who brought expertise, case studies and insight to the debate. They reached new audiences through distribution deals with global conferences and with other publications, such as Management Today or Brazil's Carta Capital.

The 93rd and final edition of Green Futures was published in July 2014, and an interim Special Edition, The Future of Brands, was published in October 2014, paving the way for a new annual publication, Green Futures: The Long View. This is Forum for the Future’s yearly invitation to take a step back and recognise the opportunities we have to shape the future. The first edition was launched in February 2015, alongside our new Futures Centre. This is a dynamic online platform where users can share signals of change, track trends, share pool resources and spot opportunities to work together towards a sustainable world.  

Find out more about Green Futures: The Long View and join our Futures Centre community here: www.thefuturescentre.org.

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Green Futures was an independent magazine, published by Forum for the Future. Its editorial content did not necessarily reflect the views of Forum for the Future, its staff, or any of its partner organisations.

I read Green Futures from cover to cover (which I rarely do with magazines these days). It’s so full of inspiration and really thought-provoking stuff.

Lorna Howarth, Contributing Editor, Resurgence magazine

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Green Futures magazine has been a source of solutions and inspiration for a sustainable future since 1996. Now, Forum for the Future has launched a new platform to turn inspiration into action. Please visit our Futures Centre and discover our new annual publication, Green Futures: The Long View.