Senior Communications Strategist


I joined Forum for the Future's communications team in 2016. Since then I've helped to bring excellence in digital to the core of Forum's communications and projects, ensuring we leverage the immense power of social media, digital marketing and creative communications to raise our profile and increase the impact of our work. In my current role as Senior Communications Strategist, I lead Forum's digital and content strategy, the management of our website and the Futures Centre, as well as our corporate communications and creative outputs. 

There has been a strong digital communications thread throughout my career and I started off working for a digital marketing agency. My interest in sustainability primarily arose when working in corporate social responsibility for an international law firm in Beijing, China, where I also undertook research on the emergence of gentrification in Beijing’s old town. Returning to the UK I worked at TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, co-operating closely with speakers on sharing solutions to sustainability issues, as well as on community outreach and communications.  

My dream project?

I have great faith in the immense power and democratic potential of social media, and one of the best things about digital strategy is that every project needs it. Helping to engage the digital world in a progressive global conversation about sustainability issues is the ultimate goal of my role.

What floats my boat outside work?

I feel most alive cross-country running (the muddier, the better) and I speak French and Mandarin Chinese, so keeping up my languages is a big part of my life outside work. I also work independently in ethical consumerism conducting research and pilots into scaling up conscious consumption.

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