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The power of partnership

"Forum brings us together with other great organisations – the O2s, Kingfishers, BUPAs and Unilevers of this world - who are thinking differently themselves. I’m very clear: M&S cannot be sustainable by itself. We need to be working with others to ensure that we’re exposed to new ideas, new opportunities. Forum for the Future is making a huge difference. And the more organisations that can join this movement, the better.”

Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer

Benefits of joining the Forum Network:

  • Be part of workshops and webinars around the world that put sustainability into practice

  • Get access to cutting-edge tools, trends and insights including our annual flagship event

  • Collaborate with other organisations ambitious about sustainability to create cut-through solutions

  • Join specialist sub-networks such as our Sustainable Business Models Group and Sustainability & Brands Roundtable

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