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The Food and Drink Federation is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country.

Ourmembers are committed to making a significant contribution to improving the environment.

Working collectively, they are making solid progress on their five-fold ambition to:

Achieve a 20% absolute reduction in CO2 emissions by 2010 compared to 1990, aspiring to a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020.
Seek to send zero food and packaging waste to landfill from 2015.
Make a significant contribution to WRAP's work to achieve an absolute reduction in the level of packaging reaching households by 2010 compared to 2006 and provide more advice to consumers on how best to recycle or otherwise recover used packaging.
Achieve significant reductions in water use to help reduce stress on the nation's water supplies and contribute to an industry-wide absolute target to reduce water use by 20% by 2020 compared to 2007.
Embed environmental standards in their transport practices, including contracts with hauliers as they fall for renewal, to achieve fewer and friendlier food transport miles and contribute to an absolute target for the food chain to reduce its environmental and social impacts by 20% by 2012 compared to 2002.

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