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We want COOK to be a remarkable food business that’s a force for good in society. We made this promise real in November 2013 by becoming a founding UK B Corp and writing into our company articles a commitment to make business decisions in the interests of all our shareholders – our staff, the community we work in, the environment, and our stakeholders. We are definitely still only in the early stages of achieving the impact we aspire to, but we are working towards ensuring that as we continue to COOK for more people, we are developing potential, feeding community, sourcing sustainably, wasting nothing and stewarding capital responsibly. We don’t want this to be an ‘add on’ for our business- or any other. We want it to be at the heart and to go hand in hand with how we make a profit. We’d like to show that business can be used as a force for good and joining the network will help us shape our ambitions and develop our strategy.

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