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Arjowiggins Graphic is a leader in the development of innovative, environmental paper solutions, ideal for companies looking to communicate their CSR agendas without compromising on the quality of printed work. The branch focuses on developing a range of advanced recycled papers with cutting edge sustainability credentials and comparable performance.

In the last two years, Arjowiggins Graphic has seen an unprecedented 140% rise in demand for recycled paper. This highlights not only the continued need for paper as a communication tool but also the demand for sustainable paper stocks across business, print and design sectors.

Last year Arjowiggins Graphic launched Environmental Benefit Statements, which make it easier and quicker for companies to show environmental reductions in a clear and visible manner. These statements have now been expanded so that clients can show the sustainable impact for any given print run using the Environmental Calculator on the Arjowiggins Graphic website. The statements can be integrated into direct mail documents, annual reports and promotional literature to show how using recycled paper has reduced environmental impact through measures such as water, energy, carbon dioxide consumption and wood. To see how and EBS can help businesses to show off their green credentials, watch Arjowiggins Graphic’s new video here.

Businesses looking for the reassurance of sustainable credentials when purchasing paper stocks can be satisfied that Arjowiggins Graphic’s products are widely recognised for their environmental excellence. FSC Certified mills are used in the manufacturing process to guarantee the highest environmental standards and we have achieved accreditations including EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel and ISO 14001.

As well as developing new products that provide whiteness comparable with virgin fibres Arjowiggins Graphic has also continued to produce ranges that have a natural recycled feel in order to meet a wide range of consumer demands.


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