Living Change: Playing with the Future

An informal drinks event for innovators
Forum Event
19 September, 2016 - 18:30 to 20:00
London, UK

If the only constant in life is change, what might a radically different future look and feel like? Join us for the second of our Living Change events to explore and play with some of these questions:

  • What would it be like to live in a future beyond capitalism?
  • How might people’s mindsets and attitudes be different?
  • What would enormous social change mean for me as an individual, and what would I do differently?

Share your ideas on how we foster the next wave of change, as we introduce Transitions Hub as a way forward. 


Read more about the Transitions Hub here

About the Living Change series:

A series of events bringing together a potent mix of people to explore the realities and tensions of what it takes to be an innovator of systems – someone creating change in the world whilst committed to living change yourself. Sessions will be themed around issues that matter within an inspirational, creative and exploratory space, to enable new ideas and experiments to emerge.


If you would like to attend this event, please contact the events team.

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