Principal Change Designer


I have worked for the last twenty years in ethical trade, and in particular, my work has focused on gender justice, sustainability and innovation in agricultural value chains. My experience spans multiple scales of supply chains and regions, from working for a coffee co-op in Latin America, to importing Fairtrade nuts from the Amazon to UK supermarkets, to researching women’s unpaid work for my collaborative PhD with The Body Shop. I am as comfortable in the field, in the back of a pick-up truck, as I am facilitating multi-stakeholder processes. Most of all, I love working with passionate people to disrupt the status quo and work towards systemic change.

Dream project

My dream project would challenge the imbalance of power and inequality. It would involve all the different actors in the supply chain, in particular women and young people. I would use participatory methodologies, storytelling, and maybe role-play. Ideally, it would be in Latin America because I love speaking Spanish; and I have a long history in the region. And if I had to choose a product, it would be coffee. Coffee was where it all began for me; working in a co-op in Nicaragua brought all my learning to life. Plus, I love drinking it.

What floats my boat outside work

Belly ache laughs with my daughter, delicious tasting ethical coffee and chocolate, studying tide times to plan my next sea dip, running hard with my running club, regular yoga, and hiking on the South Downs.

I also love travelling and experiencing connections, whether it's with someone at the airport, on a coffee farm, with a street vendor or business owner. I love delving deep into another place, culture, space. My daughter is fast becoming my best travel companion, and we love our adventures together, locally or further afield.