Fashion Futures Education Module

Fashion Futures is a call for a sustainable fashion industry. Preparing the next generation of industry leaders is essential to deliver this. Following a pilot with the London College of Fashion, Fashion Futures has been successful in challenging and inspiring the students to deliver innovative fashion solutions for a changing world.

We've now produced a free Fashion Futures education resource aimed at fashion tutors throughout the world. This includes all the information, inspiration and materials you need to use the Fashion Futures scenarios as a part of your curriculum.

You can download the resource pack here.

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This map shows there is a growing community of fashion colleges thought the world looking to work with Fashion Futures. This map is based downloads of our education module.

We’ve also created a YouTube channel where we have curated fashion, sustainability and climate change videos. We also hope fashion students and tutors who use the module can share their ideas and inspiration via our Fashion Futures Facebook group.


Who is this for?

You might be a course tutor tasked with integrating ethical/sustainable fashion into your students’ work. Or already have a programme on sustainable fashion but are looking for new ideas. Either way, we hope this resource pack will give you what you’re looking for. It offers new approaches to ‘how’ as well as new content around ‘what’ you teach.


Why futures?

Some students might be put off a course that is badged as ‘green’, ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’. Not everyone is motivated by these things. But futures has a broader appeal. It can help avoid prejudice and set up a conversation about future expectations and aspirations. Scenarios are plausible, coherent and challenging descriptions of possible future worlds Scenarios will challenge your students’ assumptions about what they think the future might hold – broadening horizons, perhaps challenging a narrow view of sustainable fashion and inspiring new thinking.


What is Fashion Futures?

Fashion Futures presents four vivid scenarios exploring how climate change, resource shortages, population growth and other factors will shape the world of 2025 and the future of the fashion industry within it. Getting the challenges and opportunities the scenarios cover into mainstream education is an important step to changing the industry for the better.

During the development of our Fashion Futures scenarios we designed and led a university module based on the scenarios with students on the MA Fashion and the Environment course at the London College of Fashion. As part of this we challenged students to come up with ideas for products and services that would succeed in each scenario. The report features illustrations and descriptions of some of the concepts developed by students from the 2009 MA Fashion and the Environment course for each scenario.


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