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System change is hard. We help people become better change agents through our projects, partnerships, and Network, and The School of System Change.

We build capacity through projects,  partnerships and our network 

130 organisations across the world are accessing our system change learning via workshops, webinars, events and publications. In turn, they contribute their own insights and support each other on their change journeys


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We host a community for pioneering individuals in our partner organisations

Our Pioneers Group is a senior peer to peer learning group, sharing experiences and insights on how to lead system change in a supportive, high trust environment


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We are developing a system change global learning programme 

We’re building an international learning programme for system change that builds on the best of the UK Masters Course (1996-2016). It combines the best of Forum’s system innovation expertise, and incorporates cutting-edge contributions from learning providers around the world.



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We are building a future that’s better for everyone, not just the few – and we do that by increasing people’s capacity to create change within their organisations, their communities and their lives.

A lot of the work we've done over the past year has involved building the internal capacity and leadership skills of our partner organisations, sharing our cutting-edge expertise, tools, trends and insights to help them take a system innovation approach. The insights we've gained from this work have fed into the curriculum for our new School of System Change, but we’ve also enhanced people's understanding of us and our approach to systems change.

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We have a 21 year track-record of solving complex sustainability challenges on a global scale. To find out how we can help you, contact our team of change agents.


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