Project Officer


I've long been motivated by big-picture thinking, working collaboratively with diverse perspectives, and trying to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

While my career began in the corporate world - covering a range of strategic and operational roles in the Consumer Goods industry (Unilever, New Zealand) and the Foodservice industry (Fonterra, Singapore) - in 2019 I decided to shift into the non-profit sector and began working in Digital Responsibility / Tech Policy (Internet Commission, UK), which aimed to hold Big Tech companies to account for their unintended online harms to society (such as disinformation, hate speech, algorithmic bias, and many others).

Through 2021, I became increasingly interested in issues surrounding the intersection of the planet, society, economics and politics, and sought to pursue a career in sustainable development and systems change.

In November 2021, after completing the Cambridge 'Business and Climate Change' course, I was lucky enough to land at Forum for the Future as Project Officer, which works on these very issues!

Dream project

I have always been interested in organisational cultures and how these result in both intended and unintended outcomes. A particularly fascinating space for me is how the metrics an organisation uses to determine success might evolve beyond profit growth, and the links between corporate purpose, policies, behaviours and outcomes.

What floats my boat outside of work: Adventuring. Chasing stunning landscapes, hiking, skiing, caving, and travelling to explore different cultures and scenery.

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