Senior Strategist


I think I developed my core relationship with the environment during my childhood. Living in the countryside, playing in the fields, wearing muddy jeans and having pet lizards. The loosening of this connection to nature - somewhere between Berlin’s music scene and the advertising industry - was readdressed studying a Masters in Environmental Business which also accelerated my interest in systems thinking and circular business models.

Having a background in Marketing and Future Trends I tend to think in ‘what if’ scenarios, enjoying brainstorming about the future and imagining disruptive solutions even if they often have to be scaled back to match reality. The synergy of future thinking and a passion for sustainability made the Forum feel like a perfect match.

My dream project would be the development of a data-driven closed-loop city grid with the sustainable retailer as a key facilitator for sustainability, health and wellbeing at its core.

In my free time I enjoy getting out of London into the British wilderness, preferably with a bike. I further find happiness in music, doing yoga, cooking with friends and more recently trying urban gardening.

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