Team Assistant


My interest in the environmental field started in high school, where I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a conservation trip to Wales. Since then I have explored varying branches of the environmental sector, from: practical work like re-wilding, protective policy, sustainable practice within business, and environmental data analysis. After 4 years working as an independent researcher I joined Forum as Team Assistant in April 2021.

Dream project

Sustainability is so complex, and so are the solutions needed to approach it. It's an all hands on deck kind of situation, but one thing which is lacking is that collaboration between industries. For example, some environmental policies are created with little input from scientists, engineers, etc. Reports are often written in very technical language and are hard to understand, causing a disconnect between the community and individuals. My dream project would be to work systemically with individuals across sectors to implement best practice in sustainability, assist communication between sectors and individuals, and manage databases or informational tools to improve and enhance systems. 

What floats my boat outside work

I love to write. I’ve been focusing on writing articles, but try to write something creative when I have free time. I like to go to concerts and occasionally visit the opera. Also, nothing beats a walking tour of London or a stroll through the parks!