Associate Director, Climate Lead


Growing up in a small Indian town, the paradigm seemed to indicate that whether we like it or not, economic development always comes  with its own set of consequences; be it environmental degradation or impacts on communities that may not even benefit from that economic development. If we want to prosper in economic terms, we have to bear with these side-effects of "development".

Since that early experience, I have always been excited about building bridges and creating partnerships across all types of actors that catalyze innovation and create solutions that help achieve multiple societal outcomes in tandem. After finishing my academic training in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, I worked to address deep drivers to environmental degradation and social injustice in ways that also facilitate economic prosperity for communities and countries. My work on integrated conservation and development planning has helped me realize the importance of a collaborative platform to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future.

I am so delighted to see various sustainable development goals gaining global momentum, be it on tackling climate change, poverty and inequality, or biodiversity loss. This is the decade of action and, by mobilizing governments, civil society, businesses and calling on all people we can deliver everything we need to create a just and a regenerative future.

Dream project

Anything that creates a tangible lasting impact and accelerates the shift towards a sustainable future.

Outside of work

Time spent out in nature with my children, family and friends. Cricket. Coffee.