I’m a design practitioner with a longstanding curiosity towards systemic change and the ways in which it can be fostered. Trained as an architect, I am used to shifting between different scales and topics, and I am committed to both social and environmental sustainability. I believe in research-based design that is both deeply rooted in specific conditions and developed through 1:1 prototyping.

Having graduated from the Royal College of Art, my professional experience encompasses architectural practice, academic research, as well as the non-profit sector. In 2013, I founded the Bucharest-based NGO, Poiana lui Iocan, as an umbrella platform for a series of live projects exploring collaborative city-making.

Through engaging with a variety of academic and professional environments I have come to understand the possibilities and limitations of each field of work and I realised that I’m most excited when blurring boundaries and finding the interrelations between them – which paved the way to me arriving at Forum!

What would your dream Forum project be?

I’ve developed a keen interest in the notion of the Anthropocene and how its recognition starts to challenge 20th century systems we take for granted. Hence, my ideal project would involve tackling this question: how can systemic responses be pre-emptively designed in the face of interconnected phenomena such as climate change, species extinction, extreme weather events and growing urbanisation? Straightforward stuff.

What floats your boat outside work? 

I’m an amateur printmaker, but when I’m not playing with paint I can be found cycling around Surrey Hills, usually wondering when the next coffee stop is due.

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