Associate Director, Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods


I lead and manage futures projects, helping Forum to develop its futures practice at the leading edge of sustainability and systemic thinking. I support Forum’s partners and network in thinking about potential futures to inform the choices and the strategies they are making now.

I've been a consultant and facilitator in futures and organisational change for over 15 years. I’ve helped international corporations, UK government department teams and NGOs to extend their thinking about the future, preparing for it, and creating change in entrenched systemic issues. Projects and clients have included the UK Government Office for Science’s Horizon Scanning Centre; a joint project with the MOD, DFID and FCO; the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and Nestle, among others. I've also specialised in leading story-based processes to innovate, share knowledge, develop visions, and co-create stories for change with companies from IKEA to The Body Shop to Hewlett Packard.

For seven years I worked in futurefocus, a creative futures and innovation facility in BIS, facilitating teams from across government and other stakeholders to imagine and plan for the future.

Working with future-shaping trends across multiple sectors made me aware that so many systems are heading towards crisis. I continuously ran up against the evidence of humanity’s living beyond our ecological means. Yet in the face of urgent need for widespread, significant change, neither government, business nor civil society seemed to be connecting the dots. Searching for more joined-up thinking led me to the Ashridge MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility, where I focused my action research on pathways to creating systemic change. Eventually my search for a systemic and collaborative approach, led me to Forum.

As well as an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility (Distinction 2013), I have a BA in International Relations and a Diploma in Organisational Change and Development.

My dream project?

Bringing together multiple stakeholders to create a shared picture and collaborative action for systemic shift, and including a process for story-change.

What floats my boat outside work?

Running across the Ashdown Forest with my dog. Hanging out with my family. Being round a campfire in nature, especially in the US Pacific Northwest where I grew up, ideally after a long hike. Stories. Really good chocolate.

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