Are your procurement professionals thinking in circles?

This article by Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen is the third in a mini-series of guest blogposts by industry experts focused around recycling and the circular economy. See links to other posts in the series at the bottom of this page.


Sourcing goods made in Africa: A UK business perspective

Looking at how to overcome real and perceived barriers to sourcing African-made products in the UK

Banana wars – Fairtrade and beyond

We are in the midst of a bitter price war being played out by the UK’s big four supermarkets through the humble banana.

Join #theBIGshift and Lead the Transformation to a Sustainable Future

(This article first appeared as a guest blog by Sally Uren in the Huffington Post on 3 December, 2013)

UK missing out on waste-to-energy power


Lack of plant capacity means valuable waste is being shipped overseas. 

A new consortium takes on the chai challenge


Key players in the tea industry come together to deal with climate change issues, rival crops and changing patterns of consumption. Heather Connon reports.

We need to ensure food supply whatever the weather, says Andrew Kuyk


Sustainable sourcing, product innovation and new expertise are the key components of a resilient food industry, says the Director of Sustainability at the Food and Drink Federation.

What does your paper footprint say about your business?


A company’s choice of paper reveals a lot about its priorities, but not all recycled papers are equal, says Roger East.

Council to save £3.5 million through recycling


In the UK, high commodity prices, landfill tax and some surprising collaborations are boosting recycling rates.


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