Decarbonisation: Now the real work begins

When I heard that the world’s leaders had signed the Paris Climate Accord- the agreement to limit the increase in the earth’s temperature to 1.5C, I punched the air. Ticker tape fell from the ceiling as the hallelujah chorus played in the background.

Welcome to the climate rollercoaster

1.5C!? Who seriously thought, going into the negotiations, that that was on the cards?

Five new players: is climate governance changing?

As a range of new actors step into the climate change arena, will the UN be able to hold it together at this important time, asks Futures Centre intern, Will Ingram.

Is Modi’s India entering a climate of change?

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes the applause at Wembley this evening he will be basking in familiar adulation. Immensely popular among the Indian diaspora, he could be forgiven for feeling somewhat more welcome here than back home.

Ask not what Forum can do for you in the lead-up to COP21, but what you can do for Forum*!

(*Well, for sustainability…)

In the run-up to COP21, we’ve started getting enquiries from our corporate Partners as to what we have planned.

How to make a success out of failure

Fear of failure can hinder a business more than failure itself. Leaders should be risk takers if they want their companies to thrive, writes Forum for the Future's CEO, Sally Uren.

Shaping the future of beauty and personal care

When Forum for the Future began our foray into the beauty and personal care (BPC) product industry, we knew there were some big barriers to making it more sustainable – and that a collaborative approach was needed.

The shifting sands that welcome the Sustainable Development Goals

The Pope’s recent invitation to social activist Naomi Klein to join his forthcoming high-level environment conference is an indicator of the shifting sands which define the historical role

Learning how to lead

Fran Micallef was on Forum's Leadership for Sustainable Development Masters course in 2014-15.

What hails for the Asian Century?

Sustainability leadership will be essential to help manage the economic and resource pressures of a rapidly growing Asia, says Forum's Asia Pacific executive director Stephanie Draper.



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