International development

Sub-Saharan Africa’s first light railway opens in Addis Ababa

Capable of transporting 60,000 residents an hour in Ethiopia’s five million strong capital, the Addis Ababa light railway is a sign of the increasing pace towards modernisation, interconnectivity and cosmopolitanism that is developing throughout African metropoles beneath the Sahara desert.

Welcome to the climate rollercoaster

1.5C!? Who seriously thought, going into the negotiations, that that was on the cards?

Flying cows: Australian cattle board 747 to China

By Will Ingram

On October 21, 150 live cattle were flown from Australia to China for slaughter on a Boeing 747 cargo plane.

Scaling up skills for access to energy

Using our Scaling Up Impact framework to understand how to have the right skills in the right place for energy access solutions in India

Is Modi’s India entering a climate of change?

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes the applause at Wembley this evening he will be basking in familiar adulation. Immensely popular among the Indian diaspora, he could be forgiven for feeling somewhat more welcome here than back home.

The shifting sands that welcome the Sustainable Development Goals

The Pope’s recent invitation to social activist Naomi Klein to join his forthcoming high-level environment conference is an indicator of the shifting sands which define the historical role

What’s shaping India’s energy future?

You might not expect a group of industry experts to choose a mall to discuss the energy future of India, but that’s exactly where The Climate Group and 

Addressing India’s sanitation crisis

India has one of the worst sanitation records on Earth. Improving the situation will require wide-scale collective action, as Forum for the Future’s Louise Armstrong reports.


What hails for the Asian Century?

Sustainability leadership will be essential to help manage the economic and resource pressures of a rapidly growing Asia, says Forum's Asia Pacific executive director Stephanie Draper.



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