Changing diets in India

In preparation for a recent trip to Mumbai, I started following several Mumbai food instagrammers to anticipate the new restaurants and dishes that awaited me. Having lived in Mumbai 10 years ago, I’m familiar with Mumbaikers’ obsessive love of food.

Retail and tech giants track China’s pork on blockchain

Technology giant IBM, retailer Walmart and Beijing's Tsinghua University have joined forces to track the journey of China's pork from farm to store.

Future Cities Dialogue

A collaborative project exploring the potential for integrating urban systems in UK cities to increase resilience.

View from the India office: the mentality of mental health in India

Last Monday was World Mental Health Day, a topic that fascinates me for many reasons - the stress of working on seemingly intractable global challenges included.

Winning Hearts, Minds, and Stomachs: the Changing Diet of the Future

What did you choose to eat for dinner last night? While the question might be simple, your answer masks a large and complex global food system made up of farms, processors, brands, retailers, and food services that all work together to get food on your plate.

Sustainable nutrition in the workplace – a multifaceted opportunity for employers and foodservice

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change have made it crystal clear that businesses everywhere have a huge role to play in rapidly transforming our world for the better.

City cleaners in Peru team up with vultures to track illegal waste sites

In Peru’s capital, vultures are being fitted with cameras to track illegal dumping grounds. Lima has just four official landfill sites to manage the waste of nine million residents.


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