Financial models

What can demonetisation mean for sustainability?

In the last three months, India has gone through what some argue to be the most critical economic shift since its trade liberalisation in 1991 – demonetisation.

Sensemaking / Part 2: The ‘un’ organisation

The digital revolution has transformed the way we work, and where we work. Everywhere is now an office - whether it’s the local coffee shop, the beach, or the bedroom. Our always on culture and the rise in demand for flexible working is leaving the physical office space behind.

8 simple rules for grappling with climate risk

The Committee on Climate Change isn’t the only organisation trying to draw attention to the risks associated with climate change.

Carbon reduction: not just a long-term lifesaver


Anna Simpson offers brands a tip for 2015, as ClimateCare celebrates ten years of investment in improved cooking methods.

Skanska offers investors a green bond


The property company will diversify its investor base thanks to a new bond to fund green commercial developments.

Peer-to-Peer ISAs

Want better returns on your tax-free savings? From 2015, check out a peer-to-peer ISA to invest in community energy schemes, local businesses or start-ups.

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Offsetting Breakthroughs

Offsetting remains so controversial – but I spent quite some time last week wondering why.


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