Cotton 2040: Mainstreaming a better way

As more than a dozen stakeholder companies from across the cotton industry prepare for today’s Forum for the Future-led discussions on how to mainstream more sustainable cotton, guest writer Leslie Johnston, executive director of C&A Foundation, reflects on why efforts to date have failed t

Cotton 2040

Integrating and accelerating efforts for a systemic shift towards sustainability in the cotton industry

Sourcing goods made in Africa: A UK business perspective

Looking at how to overcome real and perceived barriers to sourcing African-made products in the UK

Companies leading the way for sustainable supply chains

[This is a guest blogpost written by Toby Pickard, Senior Sustainability Analyst at IGD.]

Companies that work within the food and grocery supply chain face some pressing issues on sustainability.

The fashion industry is gearing up for a system-wide shift


Almost a year on from the tragic collapse of Rana Plaza, Heather Connon asks what's changed in the world of fashion - and what's to come.

Sally Uren’s three reasons for seeing brands as a solution


If brands can create demand for shampoo, surely they can create demand for sustainability, argues the Chief Executive of Forum for the Future.

Join #theBIGshift and Lead the Transformation to a Sustainable Future

(This article first appeared as a guest blog by Sally Uren in the Huffington Post on 3 December, 2013)

Navigating the cotton certification maze


A number of different schemes are setting standards for sustainable cotton, each with their own idiosyncrasies. Will they work together in years to come? Oliver Balch reports.

Brand awareness: the companies taking a lead on ethical fashion


Together with the Better Cotton Initiative, many brands are investing serious time and money to improve their supply chains. But are consumers confused by differing sustainability programmes? Virginia Marsh investigates.


Discarded clothes spun, worn and born again


Fast fashion means tonnes of clothes end up in landfill, but several new initiatives are now repurposing and recycling used textiles – including turning them back into raw materials, says Katherine Rowland.


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