Community Energy

Empowering communities across the UK to own, generate and save energy together

Thoughts on quality energy access in rural Jharkhand

How does a rural Santhal tribal community perceive energy access?

How will you come alive as part of the energy system?

A new wave of organisations is transforming our energy network by changing how they participate in it; shifting their role from being a passive user in the energy system to an active player.

Do chickens read at night? Options for sustainable rural electrification in India

Whilst India ‘transitions’ with the fastest growing global economy (+7.6% GDP), are the 18,452 un-electrified villages are getting a taste of India’s rapidly growing and changing economy? Reading is arguably the most important vehicle for gaining knowledge.

Power Up Odisha

Optimising the delivery of 24x7 Power for All

Is a living energy system the future?

A breath of fresh air blew through our office yesterday. Did it in yours? The National Grid's new Executive Director, Nicola Shaw shone a light on the smart energy revolution that’s waiting in the wings to make our legacy electricity grid

​Transforming the UK’s energy future

The UK is at a pivotal moment for investing in the future of its energy system. Two thirds of its power stations – mostly old coal, nuclear and gas-powered stations – are expected to close by 2030, increasing the risk of ‘brownouts’ and ‘blackouts’ in future.

Decentralised renewable energy in India: leapfrogging to a better future

No-one would dispute that the Indian government is not addressing their ever increasing energy gap. Since Modi came to power, perhaps the single biggest headline announcement on energy has been the massive increase in ambition of the country’s existing renewable energy targets.

The Smarter Travel Solution

Bringing sustainable travel modes together for an integrated “one screen journey” delivering all our travel needs.

Living Grid

How are you coming alive as part of the energy system?


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