Next Generation South Asia

Supporting a global agency to understand the future sources of vulnerability for children and adolescents in South Asia and how they might prevent and address them.

Data for change: moving towards a new data paradigm

By 2020, citizens of the world will have between 20 and 30 billion connected devices, depending on the source you pick and how you count them. That’s 3-4 devices per person, on average.

Getting Systems Change Positive with the Protein Challenge

It was exciting to see The Climate Group and Futerra launch Climate Optimist. They found that people who are actually working to tackle climate change are more positive than those who just see the grim facts.

Edible Fats and Oils

A global cross-sector collaboration aiming to shift the fats and oils sector onto a sustainable footing.

The Net Positive Principles

Most people want their positive impacts to outweigh the negative – to leave the world a better place for future generations. We think organizations should have that attitude as well.

Power Up Odisha

Optimising the delivery of 24x7 Power for All

Cotton 2040

Integrating and accelerating efforts for sustainable cotton

Twelve themes to inform crucial decisions in 2015


James Goodman and David Bent of Forum for the Future explore twelve themes to ensure decision makers recognise the clusters of opportunities coming to light.

Testing the water

A systems approach to sustainable water movement

Wildlife gardeners alert!

It would be untrue to say that I’m a keen gardener – I just never have been. And I’m not particularly green-fingered either, even with indoor plants. Hardy herbs are about as good as it gets for me!


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