Creative industries

Seeking all (young) energy entrepreneurs!

Ever since I finished The World We Made (more than three years ago now), I’ve been obsessed with the sheer speed of change regarding solar and other renewable energy technologies.

Design for Demand

An educator’s resource for emerging designers in any industry or sector

Three principles for disruptive innovation

As a former product designer, the arrival of digital fabrication technologies like 3D printing and the maker movement was as refreshing as the first lager on a hot and sweaty day on a Mexican beach.

Creative Destruction

“The Corporation is at a crossroads, facing a future in which it could either continue as a 'creative beacon to the world' or 'sleep-walk' into decay.” And who made this powerful statement in a recent news commentary?

Cotton 2040

Integrating and accelerating efforts for a systemic shift towards sustainability in the cotton industry

“Connecting things does not make the world smart”


You have to empower people for radical change, says Hugh Knowles, founder of the Internet of Things Academy and Head of Innovation at Forum for the Future.  

Five brands look to art for inspiration


How IBM, Intel, MINI, Selfridges and Tiger Beer each worked with artists to find new avenues for innovation.

Why I draw: Giorgia Lupi on the art of visual understanding


Giorgia Lupi, information designer and co-founder of Accurat, explains how drawing can lead to new ways of seeing and understanding.



Colour for communities


Anna Simpson asks David Brunt about the brand value of social impact.

The Additive Toolbox

Harnessing the power of additive manufacturing for good


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