Addressing India’s sanitation crisis

India has one of the worst sanitation records on Earth. Improving the situation will require wide-scale collective action, as Forum for the Future’s Louise Armstrong reports.


What hails for the Asian Century?

Sustainability leadership will be essential to help manage the economic and resource pressures of a rapidly growing Asia, says Forum's Asia Pacific executive director Stephanie Draper.


Testing the water

A systems approach to sustainable water movement

Retail Horizons: Are cities less important in an online world?

This article first appeared on and is the third in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Stronger local and transborder policies needed to tackle air pollution

Tougher treaties that penalise polluters while also providing incentives to stop, as well as new technological solutions, are vital for improving global air quality.

Boris Cars: the car-sharing scheme coming to London in 2015

Based on the French Autolib’ model, a new point-to-point electric car-sharing scheme has been promised for London, with thousands of vehicle-charging points to be added throughout the city.

Smart glass, but not the Google type

If you look at the skyline of any modern city, one ubiquitous feature of all skyscrapers is an abundance of glass. And there’s good reason for this: natural light and expansive views improve both creativity and productivity.

Get wind of Liam

The dense patchwork of houses, roads, skyscrapers, parks and cafés stitch together our urban landscape.

How best to support energy access enterprises

Paul Valentin, International Director, Christian Aid, shares lessons in supporting enterprises that provide access to clean energy.