5 things we learned on regenerative architecture and design in India

On the 1st November Forum collaborated with our long-time partner Interface to gather some of the best architects and designers together in Mumbai.

How digital innovations are taking a bite out of food loss

Food supply chains are more complex and less efficient than the name suggests. Market fragmentation and asymmetries of information within them are key drivers of food loss.

What 2016 teaches 2017 about corporate sustainability

Two months into 2017 and most of us are far less clear about what this year might mean for corporate sustainability than we were at the start of 2016, when the seismic shocks that rocked the political landsc

Innovate UK pioneer partnership journey

Forum for the Future and Innovate UK have been working together for 5 years to support UK businesses grow sustainably and address systemic challenges to deliver a sustainable economy.

Future Cities Dialogue

A collaborative project exploring the potential for integrating urban systems in UK cities to increase resilience.

Activating Purpose – A Malaysian Perspective

Last week saw the second Sustainable Brands conference hosted in Kuala Lumpur, focusing on the theme of activating purpose. Purpose – possibly one of the most over-used and broadly defined words out there right now.

The Smarter Travel Solution

Bringing sustainable travel modes together for an integrated “one screen journey” delivering all our travel needs.

City cleaners in Peru team up with vultures to track illegal waste sites

In Peru’s capital, vultures are being fitted with cameras to track illegal dumping grounds. Lima has just four official landfill sites to manage the waste of nine million residents.


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