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Volvo introduces ‘in-car delivery’ for Christmas

By Will Ingram

The Swedish car company Volvo has introduced an in-car order delivery to Volvo owners in the town of Gothenburg.

Sharing Syria’s pain: immersive journalism project aims to boost empathy

By Will Ingram

A team of designers has created a virtual reality film where participants can ‘experience’ the war in Syria. It includes a realistic rocket attack and shows the growth of a refugee camp.

How to make a success out of failure

Fear of failure can hinder a business more than failure itself. Leaders should be risk takers if they want their companies to thrive, writes Forum for the Future's CEO, Sally Uren.

The Meat Locker: introducing a community storage solution

By Juliette Aplin

Buying good quality meat can be very expensive. But ‘meat shares’ - clubbing together to buy a whole cow or sheep directly from the farmer - can be a cost-effective solution, provided you have the storage space.   

Addressing India’s sanitation crisis

India has one of the worst sanitation records on Earth. Improving the situation will require wide-scale collective action, as Forum for the Future’s Louise Armstrong reports.


Rediscovering the moral dimension of climate change

Pope Francis's forthcoming statement on climate change could just revitalise progress towards significant emissions cuts, writes Jonathon Porritt.

Five wellness trends to look out for in 2015

As January – the month of resolutions and earnest self-betterment plans - draws to a close, Alisha Bhagat looks at how the continuing growth of health and wellness trends will pan ou

Alex Steffen: "Free your mind, and your future will follow"


We have to choose what to imagine, says Alex Steffen, Planetary Futurist in residence at IDEO.


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