Behaviour change

In defence of (a bit of) doom and gloom

As Forum’s resident doomslinger, the recent #ClimateOptimism campaign inevitably provoked a defensive reaction from me. Especially as it arrived hot-on-the-heels of another event that challenged my pessimistic foundations.

The transport revolution happening in our pockets

A transport revolution is under way. It’s been a while coming. 70 years, in fact, since the tides of car based conspicuous consumption first swept around the world. Internal combustion. More, heavier, faster.

Thoughts on quality energy access in rural Jharkhand

How does a rural Santhal tribal community perceive energy access?

How will you come alive as part of the energy system?

A new wave of organisations is transforming our energy network by changing how they participate in it; shifting their role from being a passive user in the energy system to an active player.

Systems do change: the story of rock’n’roll

What we can learn about systems change from the breakthrough of rock’n’roll?

What can demonetisation mean for sustainability?

In the last three months, India has gone through what some argue to be the most critical economic shift since its trade liberalisation in 1991 – demonetisation.

What 2016 teaches 2017 about corporate sustainability

Two months into 2017 and most of us are far less clear about what this year might mean for corporate sustainability than we were at the start of 2016, when the seismic shocks that rocked the political landsc

Sustainable nutrition in action: Ella’s Kitchen and Veg for Victory

The kids are not alright. In any case not when it comes to British children and their eating habits.

Sensemaking / Part 3: The Intergenerational Organisation

As people live and work for longer, by the year 2020 it will be common to have as many as 4 or even 5 generations working alongside each other, each with different needs and expectations.

Sensemaking / Part 2: The ‘un’ organisation

The digital revolution has transformed the way we work, and where we work. Everywhere is now an office - whether it’s the local coffee shop, the beach, or the bedroom. Our always on culture and the rise in demand for flexible working is leaving the physical office space behind.


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