Finland to convert grass to feed with new biorefinery

INNOFEED is a project to develop a new type of biorefinery to convert grass into animal feed in Finland. The aim is to identify opportunities for efficient and sustainable use for Finland's most abundant field-grown biomass. 

Vegetable factory: the first robotic, farmerless farm

By Will Ingram

A vegetable factory that plans to open in Kyoto in 2017 will be the first farm without farmers. The 4,800-square-metre indoor facility will be entirely run by robots.

Catalysing collaboration on food security in Southeast Asia

Addressing food and nutrition security through partnerships and strong business leadership

World's largest factory for animal cloning to be built in Tianjin, China

By Alice Perepyolkina

The world's biggest animal cloning factory is under construction in China, with plans to mass-produce pet and police dogs, racing horses and a million beef cattle annually by 2020.

Flying cows: Australian cattle board 747 to China

By Will Ingram

On October 21, 150 live cattle were flown from Australia to China for slaughter on a Boeing 747 cargo plane.

What really matters is FiFo – Fish-in, Fish-out

Access to protein isn’t enough; the question is whether there’ll be enough fish to feed a growing aquaculture industry, writes Jonathon Porritt.

Major ocean ecology review concludes that marine species web will collapse

By Will Ingram

A review by the University of Adelaide of 632 studies on biological changes in the oceans, all of which are down to rising anthropogenic CO2 emissions, forecasts a massive reduction in marine life.


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