Flying cows: Australian cattle board 747 to China

By Will Ingram

On October 21, 150 live cattle were flown from Australia to China for slaughter on a Boeing 747 cargo plane.

What really matters is FiFo – Fish-in, Fish-out

Access to protein isn’t enough; the question is whether there’ll be enough fish to feed a growing aquaculture industry, writes Jonathon Porritt.

Major ocean ecology review concludes that marine species web will collapse

By Will Ingram

A review by the University of Adelaide of 632 studies on biological changes in the oceans, all of which are down to rising anthropogenic CO2 emissions, forecasts a massive reduction in marine life.

Invasive seaweed refined as soil stimulant in New Zealand

By Alison Beaty

Waikaitu, a New Zealand company, has developed a refined and concentrated seaweed biostimulant from the brown algae ‘wakame’ (Undaria Pinnatifida).

How can we make our food system more resilient?

A new £14M programme from the Global Food Security (GFS) is giving top food researchers the chance to win funding for interdisciplinary, system-wide proposals that could help pave the way to a resilient UK food system. Guest writer Evangelia Kougioumoutzi, who works for GFS, tells more.

The Meat Locker: introducing a community storage solution

By Juliette Aplin

Buying good quality meat can be very expensive. But ‘meat shares’ - clubbing together to buy a whole cow or sheep directly from the farmer - can be a cost-effective solution, provided you have the storage space.   

An innovative fund for supply chain resilience

In this guest blog post, Tom Morton, ClimateCare’s Project Director in Nairobi, introduces a new model to finance health solutions in farming communities.


Cotton 2040: Mainstreaming a better way

As more than a dozen stakeholder companies from across the cotton industry prepare for today’s Forum for the Future-led discussions on how to mainstream more sustainable cotton, guest writer Leslie Johnston, executive director of C&A Foundation, reflects on why efforts to date have failed t