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Net Positive: a radical shift in leadership and economics

Ben Kellard explains how leaders are fundamentally rethinking their strategy to contribute more to the economy than they take.


Fonterra is a co-operative owned by over 10,000 New Zealand farmers, with a strong ethic of wanting to pass their land to the next generation in better shape than they received it.  We believe we have the opportunity to create sustainable value for our communities and the environment, from using

Net Positive: how a new frame on sustainability can drive the outcomes we need

Committing to a Net Positive approach can enable your business to develop a leading strategy that robustly responds to the SDGs and Paris Agreement, and sets it on a path to long-term value creation. Joining the NPP community brings its additional, unique benefits, including the opportunity to tap into insights from those leading the Net Positive agenda today, and thrive off members’ energy and optimism.

Unilever: Closing the loop on plastic sachet waste in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a growth market for Unilever, but there is growing public pressure to address the plastic waste generated by Unilever products sold in plastic sachets

Unilever versus Kraft/Heinz: Competing Models of Capitalism

For all sorts of reasons, the way people feel about corporate sustainability is influenced disproportionately by how well Unilever is seen to be doing through its Sustainable Living Plan.


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