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5 things we learned on regenerative architecture and design in India

On the 1st November Forum collaborated with our long-time partner Interface to gather some of the best architects and designers together in Mumbai.

The transport revolution happening in our pockets

A transport revolution is under way. It’s been a while coming. 70 years, in fact, since the tides of car based conspicuous consumption first swept around the world. Internal combustion. More, heavier, faster.

Turning 20 in 2016, and why we all need a manifesto for 2017

At Forum for the Future, we started 2016 feeling pretty optimistic. This year we turned 20, and we could point to a lot of firsts in those two decades.

Re-inventing the 'Limits to Growth' debate

Still barely a mention about the environment in the Referendum campaign – just another reminder that these issues still have very little cut-through in UK politics.

Beyond Eureka – from innovation to impact at scale

You’re lying in bed, all cosy, warm and ready for sleep. In the blink of an eye you’re bolt upright, yelling “Eureka!” in the knowledge that you’ve just had a world-changing idea.

But what do you do next? How will you get people to listen to you?

Carbon reduction: not just a long-term lifesaver

Anna Simpson offers brands a tip for 2015, as ClimateCare celebrates ten years of investment in improved cooking methods. 


Singapore mobile provider lets customers donate unused services

Starhub Mobile, one of three service providers in Singapore, has completed a pilot scheme enabling customers with post-paid contracts to donate unused talktime, mobile data and SMS to charitable causes.

#ThinkDIF – Make things happen faster

Doc Brown in Back to the Future, the guy in his shed at the bottom of the garden, the coder in her room: inventors and innovators are often portrayed as lone wolves (trusty sidekick dog aside). But is that really the case?

Retail Horizons: It's time to choose our future

This article first appeared on and is the final instalment in a 12-part series about the future of US retail for the

Circular economy draws nearer with Europe's step-change in recycling

The following article by Ray Georgeson is the second in a mini-series of guest blogposts by industry experts focused around recycling and the circular economy.


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