Next Generation South Asia

Supporting a global agency to understand the future sources of vulnerability for children and adolescents in South Asia and how they might prevent and address them.

Data for change: moving towards a new data paradigm

By 2020, citizens of the world will have between 20 and 30 billion connected devices, depending on the source you pick and how you count them. That’s 3-4 devices per person, on average.

Politics vs Technology – why banning driverless cars isn’t the way to protect jobs

Our Minister for Transport, Nitin Gadkari, made a pretty stark statement recently: he said that driverless cars would be banned in India. Banning things is a habit here, but this one seems particularly challenging, not just for Google and Tesla et al, but for the country as a whole.

What might the future of the workplace look like by 2036?

Automation, artificial intelligence, the growth of the informal economy and shifts away from command and control power cultures are all trends that are profoundly shaping the workplace. But what will the future of the workplace look like?

Private university in Thailand is accepting rice for tuition fees

Students enrolled at Rangsit University in Bangkok’s northern suburbs can pay all or part of next semester’s costs with rice. The goal is to help farming families, and the university will put a higher-than-market value on the grain, since prices for some strains are near a decade low.

Signal of change / Backfeed: an operating system for decentralised organisations

A new operating system for organisations, called Backfeed, aims to enable "large-scale, free and systematic cooperation between thousands of people without the coordination of any central authority".

Sensemaking / Part 3: The Intergenerational Organisation

As people live and work for longer, by the year 2020 it will be common to have as many as 4 or even 5 generations working alongside each other, each with different needs and expectations.

Effecting Change through Intimate Networks

“What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing?” This is a question I’ve held in my mind for about a month now, since being invited to contribute to this collection. And to be perfectly honest, it’s a question that comes across to me as a bit trite.

How being Down Under helped me see Brexit the right way up

I’ve just arrived back from Australia, where I was sharing Forum for the Future’s work at the first Sustainable Brands conference in the region.


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