Principal Change Designer


With a background in ecology and conservation, sustainable agriculture and food security, I bring varied experience predominantly from the public and charity sectors. Much of this has had behaviour change and learning at its core, working in community engagement; environmental land management and advice; environmental, heritage and food education, and whole system approaches to transform food culture, amongst others. I have collaborated with varied communities, farmers and land managers, educational and early years settings, caterers, and a diverse range of people and organisations.

More recently I’ve worked within UKRI on global food security and food system challenges, with academic researchers, policy makers, NGOs and businesses to help transform the food system by influencing and inputting to policy evidence, corporate sustainability agendas, and Government’s research funding, as well as supporting early career researchers.

I’ve always loved working with a wide range of people from many backgrounds and interests. It is great to join Forum, an international organisation, in partnership with those who can have real impact in transforming the food system.

Dream project

To put food and natural systems at the heart of education. In anything, advocating just and regenerative as the norm, not something unconnected, out of reach or elitist, particularly shaping future land management to be truly regenerative and holistically productive and for that and food to be appreciated by all.

What floats my boat outside of work

Food and everything around food, exploring and travelling, art, people, being outdoors, and all things equestrian.

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