Quadratic voting captures how strongly voters feel about a policy or issue

An alternative voting mechanism aims to capture how strongly members of the public feel about a particular policy or topic, beyond simple approval or rejection. Read more

Plans for a “self-reliant India” sacrifice ancient forest

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced plans to make India more self-reliant as part of its post-COVID-19 recovery plans, including the auction of 40 new coalfields of which 80% cover land home to ancient forests and indigenous tribes. Read more

Edtech unicorn invests $80m in platform for laid-off workers

Edtech unicorn Guild Education has built a platform, Next Chapter, to enable laid-off workers to reskill and access career services and new job opportunities, in an acquisition deal valued at over $80 million. Read more

The Shift from Globalisation to Regionalism; TikTok and Huawei Caught in the Crossfire

China-US relations have shaped the modern global trade market, with China as a leader in technology. Yet as the relationship between the two countries weakens, companies are being caught in the crossfire. Read more

Video Game Creators Join the Battle Against Climate Change

Major video game creators are harnessing their power as one of the largest industries in the entertainment world to tackle climate change. Read more

Coalition of influential NGOs and businesses urge corporates to push for nature loss reversal

As governments around the world start to shape COVID recovery plans, this coalition are calling on business leaders to push politicians to embrace economic policies and packages that prioritise nature restoration. Read more

China drops GDP Target in the face of COVID-19

In May 2020, China abandoned its target GDP, for the first time in decades. Read more

Calls for 'just transitions' accelerate

Net Zero ambitions by governments and companies, and the extreme disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, mean that the urgency of transitions that are fair and equitable – “just transitions” -  are greater than ever. Read more

Indian state Andhra Pradesh leads on agricultural revolution

The government of the Indian state, Andhra Pradesh, has launched a plan to become the first area with 100% natural farming methods by 2024. Read more

Small island states are building back bluer

Small island developing states such as Fiji and The Seychelles have suffered economic fallouts from the decline of tourism. These ocean states have realised that ocean preservation is key to their recovery. Read more

Pushing towards socially-just renewable energy industries

Renewable industries aren't yet socially-inclusive or just, but this is crucial for their their social license to operate. Read more

Calls for social media companies to do more to combat extremism

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been called out by a group of British politicians whose inquiry into hate crime has highlighted their failing efforts to prevent extremism on their platforms. Read more

Growing fears of a repeat of 2019 fires as Amazon deforestation continues

Despite the Amazon region being a pandemic hotspot, the reduced reach and resources of environmental enforcement agencies in Brazil is believed to be emboldening illegal wood harvesting operators, who are supported by a gig economy of poorly paid, informal workers ignoring COVID-19 lockdown measures. Read more

Gig economy giants attempt to redefine their relationship with workers

Uber is contesting a demand from New Jersey that it pay $649 million for years of unpaid employment taxes for its drivers, stating that they are independent contractors and not employees. Read more

Contact-tracing reveals government dependence on Apple and Google

Efforts by US-state North Dakota to create a contact tracing app to aid the state’s coronavirus recovery, reveals the true extent of Google and Apple’s influence over national decisions. Read more

Signal of change / Renewables are beating fossil fuel energy generation in the US and UK

During the first quarter of 2020 renewable power generation supplied more than fossil fuel generation in Britain. Read more

Signal of change / Farmers and fishermen go digital during the pandemic

The COVID-19 lockdown restrictions impeded the traditional channels of selling and buying fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. To survive, many fishermen and farmers around the world turned from in-person sales and export strategies to e-commerce partnerships with a local focus. Read more

Signal of change / Amazon revisiting its ‘Made in China, Made for India’ strategy

Amazon, whose net income fell 31% as a result of the extra costs incurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is forced to revisit its 'Made in China' sourcing strategy. Read more

Signal of change / Interest in Earthships and off-grid living spurred by global pandemic

Amidst economic instability and stay-home quarantines, interest in Earthships and other forms of rural, self-sustaining and off-grid living have seen increased interest. Read more

Signal of change / Russians use satnav application to launch mass virtual protests

Amidst growing limitations on individual’s rights to protest in recent years, protesters in Russia are finding new ways to oppose the government. Read more

Signal of change / Government loan to Air France comes with sustainability strings attached

The French Government has approved a €7 billion loan to Air France for COVID-19 aid – with conditions. Air France must cease operating short-haul domestic air travel where trains offer the same journey in 2h 30min or less. Also conditional for funding, the airline must reduce its CO2 emissions per passenger-km by 50% between 2005 and 2030, cut CO2 emissions on its short-haul flights by 50% by the end 2024 and increase its proportion of fuel derived from sustainable sources to 2% by 2025. Read more

Signal of change / Centralised vs. decentralised contact-tracing apps divide the world

Many countries are using or developing contact-tracing apps to track the COVID 19 virus among their populations. These apps use Bluetooth to identify which phones a user’s phone has come into close contact with and then notifies those phones if the user reports symptoms or is diagnosed. Some apps collect additional data such as home address/area, GPS location or phone number. Read more

Signal of change / Cycling in the UK is set to radically increase after lockdown

As part of the UK’s existing transportation strategy, £5bn was already committed pre-COVID-19 by the UK government towards biking, cycling, and bus infrastructure through 2025.  However, In order to maintain social-distancing on busses and trains during COVID-19, only 13-15% of the average number of passengers will be able to ride public transit. Read more

Signal of change / Cities pledge not to return to business as normal

Planning the Post COVID-19 recovery is causing cities around the world to carefully consider just what they would like to recover to, and how they will rebuild to achieve it. As such, Dutch officials in Amsterdam will be using British economist Raworth’s doughnut economic model to help guide the city’s recovery towards a balance within natural boundaries. Read more

Signal of change / Home office set to become the new normal

As more countries prepare for, or incrementally ease into, a post-lockdown world, a growing number of major employers, including Twitter, Mondelez, Nationwide and Barclays, are hinting at plans to shift to permanent remote working positions. Read more

Signal of change / The demand for sustainable lifestyles booms in the Western hemisphere

A recent YouGov poll carried out in the UK, discovered 91% of respondents do not want life to return to ‘normal’ once the lockdown is over. Appreciating cleaner air, increased wildlife and flourishing communities, linked to the forced reduction of economic activity, 54% of respondents hope to make changes in their own lives, and for the country, in follow up to the crisis. Read more

Signal of change / COVID-19 undermines the status of global supply chains

With China closing down and India partially banning their exports of medical items to western customers, the coronavirus crisis has been quick to undermine the status of the 20th-century-glorified global supply chains, exposing their high cost, inherent dependencies, and vulnerability in light of the pandemic. Read more

Signal of change / Corporations with offshore tax breaks penalised in Denmark and Poland's COVID-19 bailout packages

As governments around the world deliver huge bailout packages to support crumbling economies amid the COVID-19 crisis, PMs from Denmark and Poland announced a withdrawal of further financial aid to companies registered in offshore tax havens. Read more

Signal of change / COVID-19 is shining a new light on how businesses and employers factor people into decision-making

While COVID-19 is creating an advantage for some businesses, most are experiencing significant challenges and disruption. With this sense of ‘everyone being in the same boat’, the gap between businesses and employers that choose to put their workers, suppliers and customers first and those that don’t is becoming starker. Read more

Signal of change / Price of oil at an all-time low

US oil prices fell below $0 per barrel this month, a record low brought about by reduced demand combined with limited ability of producers to store excess. Other oil-producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, have made a deal agreeing to the deepest production cut ever negotiated, which still isn’t expected to resolve excess supply. Read more